For Intermediaries

For Intermediaries

Referral partners, networked individuals and professional intermediaries often fulfill an important role for company owners as they consider their exit or liquidity options.  We respect that role and will pay an industry standard success fee for a referral that results in a completed acquisition.   In return, our commitment to you is that we will be:

Focused, open and fair

Our objective is to acquire a promising, emerging stage company that meets our criteria, at a fair value to all parties.  We want to learn more about your client’s company to understand how our management and investor’s industry knowledge and experience can make a difference.

Responsive and considerate

We’re able to quickly vet an opportunity.  Our team has the ability and desire to engage quickly where there’s perceived mutual fit.  We also believe in providing a quick “no” response if there isn’t a fit.  We’re always open to new or additional information if there’s something you believe we may have missed in our initial evaluation.

Funded and able to close quickly

Our investment partnership is comprised of institutional and private investors with substantial equity and debt resources.   We have the ability to close with certainty and speed.


We’re sensitive to owner’s tax-planning and lifestyle needs and have the ability to create deal structures that meet the needs of all parties to a transaction.  Where appropriate, we also welcome a discussion regarding on-going owner involvement in a management or advisory role, or as a continuing shareholder.