Our Focus

Our Focus

Our Mission and Investment Focus:

GrowthFire’s mission is four-fold:

  • Leverage our passion and purpose, our experience and our resources to help build the companies that are at the heart of our economy, and our future.
  • Identify and acquire promising technology companies where our experience, capabilities and resources can make a difference.
  • Provide experienced hands-on leadership to operate and grow the company to its greatest potential.
  • Deliver shared value and financial returns to shareholders, employees and customers.

Target Company Criteria:

GrowthFire’s ideal company profile is a business-to-business, or high-value business-to-consumer software and services or Software as a Service company.  Companies with a related hardware component may be considered, but hardware companies are not a primary GrowthFire target as the underlying industry factors and economics vary significantly from software and services companies. 

An ideal candidate company has the opportunity to own a niche or vertical market, with high-growth or strategic potential.   Attractive opportunities would include industries or industry segments where transformational industry change is taking place, or where technologies are reaching mass market adoption.  Clear ownership of Intellectual Property is required. Candidate companies fit the majority of the criteria outlined below:

Company Characteristics:

  • North America-based operations
  • Minimum of five to eight years in business
  • Stable, loyal customer base with limited customer concentration
  • Well-defined growth potential or niche leadership position
  • Clear ownership structure

Financial Criteria:

  • Revenue of $5 to $25 million
  • History of EBITDA greater than $1 to $2 million
  • Existing or strong potential for a recurring revenue model

Technology Characteristics:

  • Product has “Platform” potential
  • Is currently, or can be easily deployed to, a SaaS model
  • Using current development methodologies
  • Clear ownership of Intellectual Property

Operational Profile:

  • Experienced, capable, scalable team
  • Healthy company culture